Becoming The Griever

May 28, 2023

Becoming the Griever: Embracing Healing and Moving Forward

In life, we all experience loss and heartbreak. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, the passing of a loved one, or the shattering of a dream, grief finds its way into our lives in various forms. The pain can be overwhelming, leaving us paralyzed and unable to move forward. But in order to heal, we must become the griever.

The Sidelines of Sorrow

Grief has a way of making us feel like helpless spectators, watching our lives crumble from the sidelines. We may find ourselves caught in a cycle of sadness, unable to let go of the pain and clinging onto what once was. But sitting on the sidelines and crying alone will not bring us solace. It’s time to recognize that in order to heal, we must actively engage with our grief.

Embracing the Role of the Griever

Becoming the griever means accepting our pain and acknowledging its presence in our lives. It means giving ourselves permission to feel the depths of our emotions without judgment or resistance. We must allow ourselves to mourn, to rage, and to cry, recognizing that these are essential components of the healing process.

Making the Decision to Move Forward

While grief can be an all-consuming force, it doesn’t have to define our entire existence. At some point, we must make the conscious decision to start moving toward healing. This decision is not a betrayal of our pain or the memories of what we’ve lost; rather, it is an act of self-compassion and resilience.

Taking Steps Towards Healing

Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting or dismissing our grief. It means channeling our pain into productive and healing outlets. This could involve seeking support from loved ones or professional therapists, engaging in self-care practices, or finding solace in creative expression. Every step we take towards healing is an act of empowerment and self-love.

The Transformation of the Griever

As we actively engage with our grief and take steps towards healing, we begin to transform. The griever becomes a beacon of strength, resilience, and empathy. Our pain becomes a catalyst for personal growth and understanding. Through the healing journey, we become more attuned to our own emotions and the experiences of others, ultimately emerging as individuals capable of offering compassion and support to fellow grievers.


Grief is a powerful force that can leave us feeling stagnant and trapped. However, we have the ability to reclaim our lives and become the griever who takes charge of their healing. By making the decision to actively engage with our grief, we open ourselves up to the possibility of healing, growth, and a newfound sense of purpose. Remember, it’s never too late to become the griever and embark on the transformative journey towards healing and renewal. ~ Sharon


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