I am a witness…

October 18, 2019

I realized something about myself today. I am a witness to heart breaks every day. I am a witness to those moments in people’s lives they think they cannot bear to live with any longer.
I am a witness to the deep dark secrets they truly believe they cannot say out loud.
I live for these moments. I see the face of a grandmother who tells me she knows that she will die from the pain of her grief. I live to hug her. She feels me, and she knows I feel her pain. She knows I hear the words that spill out from her broken heart. I am with her on this journey. I am her witness.
I live to support all these people in their suffering. There is nothing wrong with her. She is not broken. I cannot fix her because she does not need repair. She is not alone. She just needs to feel heard. I cannot take away the pain. I cannot turn back the hands on the clock. All I can do is join her on this journey.
Her suffering is not due to any kind of weakness. Her suffering is the result of the misinformation out there on how to deal with this pain.
Speaking from my experience, I know this pain makes you more human. This pain can find a home in your heart not your head. Most often, this pain is the outward sign of our love.
I remember that the first time I faced a loss in my life. I had no idea what to do. I began drawing on what I knew to be right (much of it being misinformation).
• Do not cry in front of your children
• Be strong for all those around you
• Do not talk about it; it will get better as time passes.
• Go back to work
• Don’t feel bad about this
Let me tell you, none of these are true. We have been taught these lies, and we, in turn, echo these lies in our lives daily.
I am a witness to these lies. I now know that my purpose in life is to help you, the griever, through this experience of pain. To explain the truth that you will need to help you heal. I witness the healing of your broken hearts. I witness your journey of pain to resolve. I am your witness. And I am so blessed.
Please don’t run away from your pain, run into it. Express your every feeling. Tell your truth to someone who will feel honored to hear it. Remember, whenever you experience this pain, look out for your own personal witness.
I am so honored to be this witness.



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