This is Your Time!

You have been hurt, but it doesn’t mean the end of your story or journeys! When this happened to me, I wouldn’t let anything stop my desire to find out how to heal, to find out what’s next. I needed to know what was next because no matter how bad things seemed – there would always be hope when I would look at myself in reflection through those eyes again…and realize this is my time.


  Grief Healing with Sharon

Intended entirely for grieving women, Grief Healing with Sharon offers a proven method grounded in cognitive behavioral science to help you uncover what is holding you back so that you can heal your broken heart and live again.

Grief Healing with Sharon is a hybrid educational coaching program designed to give you exactly what you, the grieving woman, needs to heal.

  1. We know that grieving women need to talk about their loss – grief group
  2. We know that as a society we are ill prepared to deal with loss – the definition of grief
  3. We know that as grievers, we need to tap in to all five senses – coaching, videos, journaling, and talking – seeing, hearing, writing, and sharing
  4. We will provide private one-on-one sessions to help you say the crazy part out loud.

Sadly, most grieving women are taught that the best they can hope for is to “Bounce Back” and find a new normal.  I have studied out the science of grief healing, CBT, and Post Traumatic Growth, and know that women can be guided as they leverage their loss to move forward.

We use our entire life experience – and yes even the hard parts – to create a future that is so much more of what we want.  We can live a life filled with relationships that are deeper and more profound; we can become more in touch with who we are and what we value.  Friend, we can create a more satisfying life because of our loss and not continue to be wounded by it.

This is what is possible for you on the other side of this pain!

I realized my life-long mission to educate and support women as they recover from loss.