Abundance Beyond Trauma: Janine Rashidi’s Path to Healing Part 2

January 18, 2024

Podcast Show Notes: Healing Journey with Janine Rashidi – Part 2
Episode Title: “Abundance Beyond Trauma: Janine Rashidi’s Path to Healing”


  • Host: Sharon Brubaker
  • Guest: Janine Rashidi
  • Podcast: Healing Starts With the Heart
  • Topic: Continued exploration of Janine Rashidi’s healing journey and insights into her work

Key Points Discussed

  • Janine’s Career Shift to Independent Practice:
    • Janine talks about transitioning from working for a chiropractor to establishing her own practice.
    • She emphasizes the importance of autonomy in her healing and counseling journey.
  • Clients’ Trauma and Healing:
    • Janine shares her experiences with clients processing their traumas during sessions.
    • These interactions lead her to seek out more healing modalities for herself and her clients.
  • Writing “Abundance Beyond Trauma”:
    • Janine discusses the inspiration behind writing her book.
    • She emphasizes the importance of overcoming self-doubt and the encouragement she received during the writing process.
  • Learning Ayurveda and Its Impact:
    • Janine’s venture into Ayurveda, a traditional Indian healing practice.
    • She recounts how studying Ayurveda contributed significantly to her personal and professional growth.
  • Publication and Success of Her Book:
    • Janine’s book achieves bestseller status, validating her efforts and the book’s impact.
    • She shares her gratification in receiving messages from readers who were helped by her book.
  • Personal Growth and Realizations:
    • Janine reflects on her marriages and the learning experiences they provided.
    • She talks about breaking the cycle of trauma and setting healthier relationship patterns.
  • Importance of Abundance Mindset in Healing:
    • Janine explains why she chose the theme of ‘abundance’ for her book.
    • She highlights the significance of having an abundance mindset in overcoming trauma.
  • Janine’s Message to Listeners:
    • She offers empowering words to listeners, emphasizing that anything is possible with belief and perseverance.


  • Where to Find Janine Rashidi: Visit goodbyetension.com.
  • Book Information: “Abundance Beyond Trauma” and its accompanying workbook are available on Amazon.
  • Closing Thoughts: Janine’s story and insights provide hope and practical guidance for those navigating their own paths through trauma and healing.




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