Circumstance Vs Thought

August 12, 2022

In the beginning we can feel responsible for what has happened.

My thoughts: “I should have been there.”

Now add on the fact that we do not know how to do this grieving thing.

My Thoughts: “I don’t Know how to grieve.”

My friend these are your thoughts.  Trust me when I tell you that your thoughts are controlling this grieving process by sending you into areas of pain that you do not need to be hanging out in.

As humans, it is our privilege to think about what we are thinking about. We must learn that our thoughts, not our circumstances, create our feelings.

That our feelings are the most important thing to know and pay attention to. When we are willing to feel all the grieving feelings available to us as humans, we will move around in this grieving experience that is much less fearful and much more compassionate.

As we are willing to pay attention, we will discover the power we all have. That power starts with our thoughts and ends with our results. ~ True healing.


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