Deepening the Father-Child Bond: Healing and Hope

December 28, 2023

Podcast Show Notes: Exploring the Father-Child Relationship with Gigi Denar – Part 2
Episode Title: “Deepening the Father-Child Bond: Healing and Hope”


  • Host: Sharon
  • Guest: Gigi Denar, Author
  • Topic: The critical importance of the father-child relationship in shaping life trajectories.

Discussion Highlights

  • The Significance of the Father-Child Relationship:
    • Gigi emphasizes the unique role fathers play in identity formation.
    • The discussion revolves around how the absence of a father leads to a sense of brokenness.
  • Gigi’s Personal Experience:
    • Gigi shares her personal journey, including dating older men as a result of lacking her father’s presence.
    • She reflects on the different kinds of voids created by the absence of a nurturing mother and an affirming father.
  • Dynamics of the Father-Daughter Relationship:
    • The conversation shifts to the unique dynamics of father-daughter relationships.
    • Gigi points out how fathers are often the first male love of a daughter, shaping her future relationships.
  • The Impact of Different Types of Fathers:
    • Gigi discusses five types of fathers: absent, authoritarian, apathetic, abusive, and accusing.
    • She explains how each type can distort a child’s identity and self-worth.
  • Generational Impact and Healing:
    • The discussion touches on breaking generational curses and the challenges of fatherhood without a paternal role model.
    • Gigi’s three-step process for healing: recognizing, repenting and releasing, and receiving.
  • Cultural Contexts of Fatherhood:
    • The conversation explores how father-child relationships are influenced by cultural backgrounds.
    • Gigi highlights the differences yet underscores the universal human aspects of these relationships.
  • Workshops and Resources for Healing:
    • Gigi introduces her workshop as a jumpstart to healing, focusing on awareness and the path to recovery.
    • She mentions her book “Hungry for Wholeness” and a 12-week companion diary to aid in the healing journey.
  • Gigi’s Aspiration to Reach More People:
    • Gigi expresses a desire to distribute her book to prisons and halfway houses, recognizing the widespread need for healing father-child relationships.
    • She speaks about her encounters with young fathers and their eagerness to learn and grow.


  • Contact Information: Gigi can be reached through her website
  • Host’s Gratitude: The host thanks Gigi for sharing her insights and inspiring hope in listeners.
  • Invitation: The audience is encouraged to visit the website for more information and resources.



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