Embracing Healing: Janine Rashidi’s Journey Through Trauma Part 1

January 18, 2024

Podcast Show Notes: Healing Journey with Janine Rashidi – Part 1
Episode Title: “Embracing Healing: Janine Rashidi’s Journey Through Trauma”


  • Host: Sharon
  • Guest: Janine Rashidi, Author and Healer
  • Topic: Overcoming trauma and the journey towards healing

Key Points Discussed

  • Janine Rashdi’s Background:
    • Janine shares her upbringing in a household with addiction and abuse.
    • She details the various forms of abuse she experienced and her role as a caretaker for her siblings.
  • Early Realization of Abuse:
    • Janine recounts realizing her family dynamics were not normal at a young age.
    • She contrasts her experiences with those of her peers, highlighting the abnormalities in her upbringing.
  • Escape and Independence:
    • Janine describes her decision to run away from home at 15 and her experiences living homeless.
    • She talks about meeting a significantly older man and entering into a relationship marked by similar abusive patterns as her childhood.
  • Janine’s Turning Point:
    • The pivotal moment when Janine decided to leave her abusive partner, planning her escape with her children.
    • She recalls the challenges and fears she faced during this escape.
  • Return to Her Parents’ Home:
    • Janine discusses returning to her parents’ home, who were then on a clean streak, to start anew.
    • She reflects on the complexity of feelings around returning to the environment she initially fled.
  • Beginning of the Healing Journey:
    • Janine’s entry into massage therapy school as a path to independence and her first encounter with the concept of trauma stored in the body.
    • She highlights how massage therapy helped her start recognizing and processing her trauma.
  • Therapy and Overcoming Challenges:
    • Janine and her daughters begin therapy to deal with their past traumas.
    • She juggles multiple roles – student, worker, and mother – while starting her healing journey.
  • Common Misconceptions about Trauma:
    • Janine discusses misconceptions, such as trauma disappearing over time.
    • She emphasizes the importance of learning to relate differently to one’s trauma.


  • Contact Information: Janine can be found at goodbyetension.com.
  • Book Mention: “Abundance Beyond Trauma” and its accompanying workbook.
  • Teaser for Part 2: The next episode will delve into Janine’s full embrace of her healing journey, her book, and the treatment methods she offers to clients.




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