Interview with Chris

December 9, 2023

Episode Title: A Personal Tale of Triumph Over Grief with Chris

In this episode, Sharon sits down with her former client, Chris, who recently completed her grief program. Chris openly shares her journey through grief and how the program helped her navigate this challenging time in her life.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Chris’s Initial Search for Support: Chris talks about feeling alone after losing her family members and husband. She shares her struggle to find a program that resonated with her, including her experiences with psychologists and other grief programs.
  • Finding Comfort in Sharon’s Approach: Chris describes her relief upon connecting with Sharon, emphasizing the personal touch and understanding she felt from their very first conversation.
  • The Program’s Impact and Methodology: Chris reflects on the pivotal moments in the program that helped her see progress. She highlights the importance of the program’s structure, which allowed her to progress at her own pace, and the value of having tangible tasks and homework.
  • Emotional Challenges and Breakthroughs: A significant part of the discussion revolves around Chris’s emotional challenges during the program. She shares a particularly tough exercise involving writing a letter to her father and how it led to a freeing experience.
  • The Role of Spirituality in Grief: Chris speaks about her spiritual journey and how her faith in God provided comfort and guidance during her grieving process.
  • The Importance of Leaning into Emotions: Sharon and Chris discuss the importance of allowing oneself to feel and process emotions, with Chris sharing a personal experience where she let herself lean into her grief in a public setting.
  • Gratitude and Moving Forward: Chris expresses her gratitude for Sharon’s guidance and the program’s role in her healing process. She emphasizes how the program helped her reclaim parts of herself and move towards a positive future.


Sharon wraps up the episode by thanking Chris for her openness and sharing her journey. She encourages listeners who might be struggling with grief to consider joining the “Forever Changed” grief program, offering them a chance to have a transformative experience like Chris.



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