Just Show Up

November 6, 2022

We get this question all of the time.  How do I support my sister while she is grieving?  I do not know what to do…

Just show up for the grievier.  Show up as the person that you would want to be your support if you were the griever.  Show up as the amazing person that did show up for you when your loss occured.

Supporting the griever is most likely one of the most important things you will do in your life.  I considered the support that I was giving Erica so powerful.  I called her every day.  I wanted to be the resource for her if she needed to talk.  Yet, I was making a big mistake.  I was not allowing my grief to release.  I was not allowing my pain to surface.  One of the things that Erica and I teach is processing the pain in your heart.  Unfortunately, I was so busy taking care of her I did not acknowledge it.

So many times, that I called her, she would cry or just tell the story of her brokenness.  She thought I was helping her, but the truth was I was judging my level of pain by how she was doing that day.  I needed to hear her voice just as she needed to hear mine.



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