Loss of Trust in the World and People

February 10, 2024

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to “Healing Starts with the Heart.” I’m your host, Sharon. Today, we’re going to explore a tough aspect of grief that many of us face: losing trust in the world and the people around us.

When something really big and painful happens, it can feel like your whole world has changed. You might start thinking that there aren’t any good things or good people left. It’s like you’re asking yourself, “Do things really work out fine in the end?”

This feeling is what we call a secondary loss. It’s not just about the person or thing you lost. It’s also about losing your belief in positive outcomes. The hard part is, once you know something or have seen something, you can’t just pretend it didn’t happen, can you?

It’s tough, I know. But here’s something important to remember: losing trust doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Just like a broken bone, trust can heal over time.

Healing starts with small steps. It’s about finding little things and people in your life that show you kindness and goodness. It might be a friend who listens, a family member who’s always there, or even a stranger’s smile.

Remember, it’s completely okay to feel like you’ve lost trust in the world. It’s a normal part of grieving for many. But also, keep in mind that it’s possible to rebuild that trust, bit by bit.

Thank you for joining me on “Healing Starts with the Heart.” Remember, healing from grief is a journey. It’s okay to take it one step at a time. Until next time, look for those small moments of kindness in your life. They are there, waiting to help you rebuild your trust. Take care, everyone.



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