New Year… Same Broken Heart

December 31, 2019

New Year New Me

Or is it?  Today is December 30, 2019, this is the time when all of us are celebrating the joyous passing of another year.

But not everyone feels this way.

I remember what it was like for me when my loss occurred.  The thought of going into the new year without him was painful.

I know that I felt isolated even thought I was surrounded by all my family.

I do think that sometimes we forget that not everyone is happy and joyous around us.  Some of closes family and friends are walking around in pain.

As Grief Specialist we know that grief is the feeling of reaching out for someone who has always been there only to discover when I need them one more time they are no longer here.

We teach in our program that grief is normal.  Grief is a part of our human experience.  But without the tools needed to heal from a loss how will you ever learn to become accustom to life without your loved one?

This New Year can be especially painful for so many people.

We need to be aware of this pain.  When we say, “Happy New Year”, that is not everyone’s experience.  I am sure that many people wished that they could have just avoided the entire holiday all together. I know that many people with broken hearts don’t wish to make New Year’s Resolutions.

We all experience losses and we all grieve. Yet, grief is one of the most off-limits topics for discussion with our friends and family. It seems strange that one of the experiences we are all going to have, is the one experience we are not ready for and we don’t even know the first thing to say to our hurting family.

Start with this I have no idea what you are going though right now.  My heart is hurting with yours.  I understand you may not want to celebrate this year.  I will come and sit with you and hold your space while you grieve. 


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