The Digital Goodbye

March 4, 2023

The experience of grief is one of the most challenging and emotionally charged aspects of the human experience. Whether we lose a loved one suddenly or after a prolonged illness, the process of grieving can be a long and difficult one that affects us deeply on many levels.
In the digital age, we now face a new dimension of grief – the digital goodbye. With the prevalence of social media and other forms of digital communication, we now have more areas of closure to consider than ever before.
For many of us, the Facebook page of the deceased is one of the primary sources of grief. We may find ourselves checking their page, looking for any signs that they are still with us in some way. We may see their posts from the past and be reminded of their humor, their kindness, or their love. But at the same time, seeing these reminders can break our hearts all over again, as we are faced with the reality that they are no longer here.
Another aspect of the digital goodbye is the social media presence of the deceased. Do we leave their accounts active, or do we delete them? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it is a deeply personal decision. Some may choose to leave the accounts active as a way of keeping the person’s memory alive, while others may prefer to delete the accounts as a way of moving on.
One of the most challenging aspects of the digital goodbye is the yearly reminders that come up on our social media sites. Facebook, for example, will often send us reminders of past posts that we shared with the person who has passed away. These reminders can be incredibly painful, as they bring back memories of times that we shared with the person and remind us of the loss that we have experienced.
The cell phone number of the deceased is another area of closure that we need to consider. Do we keep the number or cancel it? This is another deeply personal decision that depends on the individual circumstances. Some may choose to keep the number as a way of feeling connected to the person, while others may find it too painful to be reminded of the loss every time they see the number.
In conclusion, the digital goodbye is a new aspect of grief that we must learn to navigate in the digital age. It is a deeply personal process that requires us to consider our own feelings and emotions in the context of the technology that surrounds us. While it can be challenging and painful, it is also an opportunity to honor the memory of those who have passed and find ways to keep them alive in our hearts and minds.



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