The Fear of Moving On Without You

February 24, 2024

Welcome to “Healing Starts with the Heart,” a podcast where we explore the journey of healing from grief. I’m your host, Sharon, and today we’re going to talk about a feeling that many of us who have experienced loss can relate to: not wanting to return to ‘normal.’

Let’s start with a simple truth. When you lose someone or something important, your life changes. It’s like you’re on a journey where, at first, your loss becomes a part of you. It’s not about overcoming it quickly; it’s about integrating it into your life.

Now, I know the idea of getting ‘better’ or the thought of your grief easing can feel almost… offensive, especially in the early stages. Why is that? Well, for many of us, our grief is the strongest connection we have to what we’ve lost. It can feel like if we start to feel better, maybe we’re saying that the person we lost, or the life we had before, wasn’t that important.

But here’s a question: If you start to move forward, does it really mean your past life wasn’t special? Absolutely not. Remember, healing doesn’t mean forgetting. It doesn’t mean the love or the memories are any less significant.

Healing starts with the heart. It’s a process where we learn to live with our loss, not erase it. It’s about carrying the love and the memories forward with us, even as we take steps into our new reality.

So, if you’re feeling like you don’t want to return to ‘normal,’ know that it’s okay. You’re not alone in this feeling. Your journey is unique, and how you integrate your loss into your life is entirely up to you.

Thank you for joining me today on “Healing Starts with the Heart.” Remember, it’s okay to grieve at your own pace, and it’s okay to find your own path to healing. Until next time, take care of your heart.


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