What If This Grief Was Meant For You?

December 2, 2023

Show Notes for “What If This Grief Was Meant For You?”

Episode Title: Embracing Grief as a Transformative Journey

In this powerful episode, we explore the provocative question: What if grief was meant for you? Sharon delves into the notion of grief not as a burden to be escaped, but as a path towards growth and understanding.

Key Discussions:

  • Redefining Grief: The episode begins with a thought-provoking introduction challenging the traditional perception of grief. It suggests embracing grief instead of avoiding it, proposing that the true path to healing is through confronting our pain.
  • Societal Misconceptions of Grief: A critical look at how society often wrongly interprets grief, urging people to move on quickly and labeling expressions of sorrow as inappropriate or excessive.
  • Grief’s Purpose: Sharon shares insights into the natural process of grieving and its purpose in our lives, including how even children instinctively understand and navigate grief.
  • Real Stories and Expert Insights: Throughout the episode, real-life anecdotes are interwoven with expert opinions, illustrating the varied and deeply personal nature of grief.
  • Dealing with Complex Emotions: Discussion on the complexity of emotions in grief, acknowledging that it’s possible to grieve someone despite mixed feelings about them, including anger or resentment.
  • Accepting and Nurturing Grief: Sharon encourages listeners to accept and nurture their grief, seeing it as a natural and necessary process, and to find ways to honor their lost loved ones.
  • Grief as a Catalyst for Change: The episode emphasizes how each loss reshapes us, not necessarily for better or worse, but certainly differently. It advocates for recognizing grief as a significant, life-altering experience.
  • Action Steps in Grief: Practical advice is offered on taking action during grief, such as acknowledging and allowing emotions and finding ways to move through the pain.

Additional Resources:

  • “Forever Changed” Program: Information on a program designed to assist individuals in moving beyond grief.
  • One-on-One Consultation: Opportunities for personal consultations to discuss grief and coping mechanisms.
  • Support Links: Directions to join support groups and engage with a community of individuals experiencing similar journeys.


Sharon wraps up the episode with a message of solidarity and understanding, emphasizing the shared experience of grief and the potential for growth and transformation it holds. Listeners are invited to explore further resources and join the support community.




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