When Is the Right Time to Get Help?

December 4, 2020

Hello, friend.

Grief is normal.

Did you hear that? GRIEF IS NORMAL. How come no one ever told you that before? 

We don’t have an exact answer for you regarding that question, but we do know one thing for sure…no one wants to talk about sad feelings.

People don’t want to make you cry so they don’t bring it up. You want to know something even crazier? Every one of us, if we live long enough, will have a grieving experience in our lives. So then, why is it that when we were children, we were never taught how to grieve properly, despite the fact that this emotion is universal?

Because of the lack of open conversation around grief, we are ill-prepared to deal with it!

Grief is your broken heart. Grief is emotional. It is cannot be rationalized, even though the majority of us will try to do so.

Grief hurts. It hurts that they are no longer here. It hurts when you think about how much you miss them. It hurts when you think that they might have been in pain. It hurts when you see things that belonged to them.

Grief is our love pouring out for them. Grief is about all of the things we wanted to say to them but never got a chance to.

Even though it may seem endless, grief has a beginning, a middle and an end. Recovering from the pain in our broken heart is a skill that can be learned. Many of us have this amazing intuition and instinctively know what are some of the things that we should do, which is great.

But, if you were anything like Erica and myself, you are clueless and will make so many mistakes.

The thought that we want to leave you with today is that you, are not broken. You do not need any fixing. This emotion is completely natural.

Your brain is OK. But your heart is broken. You, my friend, are grieving.


~Erica and Sharon

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