When You Loose The Glue That Held The Family Together

November 25, 2023

Podcast Show Notes: “Forever Changed: Navigating Family Dynamics After Loss” with Sharon

Episode Overview

In this heartfelt episode, Sharon delves into the profound impact of loss on family dynamics. She shares personal stories about how the passing of key family members, especially her father, reshaped her family’s traditions and bonds. This episode offers a deep exploration into the complexities of grief and the process of creating new traditions.

Key Points Discussed

  • Personal Reflections on Loss: Sharon shares her experiences of losing her father, Austin, and Donovan, highlighting how each loss uniquely affected her and her siblings.
  • The Role of Family Traditions: The importance of family gatherings, especially during holidays, and how these traditions were central to their family life. Sharon reminisces about her father’s role in these gatherings and his love for cooking.
  • Impact of Loss on Family Unity: The episode discusses the gradual changes in family gatherings post the loss of Sharon’s father and other family members. Sharon reflects on how the absence of the ‘glue’ of the family led to evolving traditions.
  • Personal Stories of Adaptation: Sharon shares how different family members, including herself, coped and adapted to the new reality. This includes how her sister Erica started new traditions with her husband.
  • Grappling with Double Grief: Sharon talks about the dual aspect of grieving – losing a loved one and the simultaneous loss of cherished family traditions.
  • Theories on Family Dynamics Post-Loss: Sharon proposes theories on why families change their traditions following the loss of a central figure and how individual changes contribute to this evolution.
  • Creating New Traditions: Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging grief and starting new traditions that honor lost loved ones while catering to the evolving needs of the family.
  • Personal Reflection and Advice: Sharon shares her own struggles with these changes and offers advice on navigating these complex emotions and situations.

Additional Resources

  • “Forever Changed” Program: Sharon talks about her program designed to help others navigate their grief.
  • One-on-One Consultations: An invitation for listeners to have personal conversations with Sharon about coping with loss and creating new traditions.
  • Online Community Support: Information on joining Sharon’s Facebook group and following her on Instagram for continued support and community engagement.

Closing Thoughts

Sharon concludes with a message of empathy and understanding for those experiencing similar challenges. She encourages listeners to embrace their emotions, find new ways to honor their memories, and connect with others for support.



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