Death By Suicide ~ Guest Brittani Miller Part 1

December 28, 2022

He is me. 
The announcement of tWitch’s death by suicide hits insanely close to home. He has been described as love and light. 
I feel, in a way, that is how people tend to see me:
High energy
What people don’t see:
Major Depressive Disorder
When people say they don’t understand how this happens…
I do. 
I get putting on the show. Performing to keep the people around you happy and feeling completely empty when the lights go down and the show is over. 
I have never been in a place where a world without me sounds better than a world with me, but I see how people arrive there. 
It is not far off. 
I share this to say, it is not only the quiet ones or the overtly sad ones that need a hand. We can do better.
Consistently check-in. 
Ignore the highlight reel that is social media. 
Make sure everyone in your life knows that you love them and knows that this world is better with them in it. 
Listen for understanding and without judgment. 
Ask “Are you ok” and let them know they are not a burden but a blessing in your life.
“The very nature of someone struggling with suicide and depression is that they’re not likely to reach out. They feel like a burden to others.
People who are having thoughts of suicide often feel trapped and alone. Even if you can’t find the exact words to say, the aspect that somebody cares makes a big difference”
I hope this helps. 
I hope we can each be the difference in the life of someone who is hurting. ❤️
Stephen tWitch Boss
Brody Stevens (The Hangover)
Kate Spade
Kurt Cobain
Chester Bennington (Lincoln Park)
Anthony Bourdain
Robin Williams
Daisy Coleman (Audrie and Daisy)
Dave Mirra (X Games)
Mark Salling (Glee)
Naomi Judd
Houston Tumlin (Talladega Nights)
Chelsie Kryst (Miss USA) 
… just to name a few of the loved and recently lost…



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