I am Still Grieving Even After the Self Care

January 21, 2023

“Welcome to our podcast for grievers. In today’s episode, we will be discussing the idea that self care is important, but it is not the only thing that will help us move past the pain of grief.

Many of us have been told that practicing self care can help us to cope with the pain of grief. This can include things like exercise, journaling, talking to a therapist, or spending time with loved ones. These are all great ways to take care of ourselves, but they are not the only solutions.

Grief is a complex and multi-faceted experience. It is not something that can be fixed with one solution or a quick fix. It takes time and patience to work through the pain. Sometimes, even after doing all the self care that we have been suggested, we may still find ourselves struggling with the pain of grief.

It is important to remember that grief is a natural and normal response to loss. It is not something that we can simply will away or ignore. It is a process that we need to go through in order to heal.

So, even if self care is not making you feel better as much as you would like, it is still important to keep practicing it. In addition to self care, it is also important to reach out for support. Talk to friends and family, or consider joining a support group for people who are also grieving.

Remember that healing takes time and that it is okay to still be grieving even after you’ve tried different self care practices. Be patient with yourself, and know that the pain will eventually fade. You are not alone in your grief, and there are people who care and want to help.” ~ Sharon



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