The Grieving Experience Has An Ending

July 30, 2022

There’s a lot of things that frustrate me, with being a Grief Specialist and working with grievers trying to help them through their grief.  We try to help them find their own personal path out and through it. But nothing frustrates me more sister dear then when I hear someone say, you will never get over this grief. You will never find an end to this pain. Grief never ends. You will feel this way for the rest of your life. That is so frustrating to me and to society that we buy into that BS because it is so not true. If anything was the number one lie that grievers are told it’s that grief never ends. And I think that’s why we struggle sometimes with clients that we meet prospective clients, when you, are doing a sales call and we are explaining the program and say that true healing is possible.  It’s not they don’t buy into the program because they think it’s nice what we are doing.  It’s that they do not believe that they will ever heal from this pain.



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