Why me?

When we ask ourselves, “Why me?” we get terrible answers.

We get self-pity.

We get disempowered.

We have decided to change that question to…

Why was I chosen to experience this?

See the difference?

See the power in just changing that one question?

No, it won’t make the pain go away.

But it would prompt the brain to look for answers.

Do you want to know what the answer contains?


That transforms everything.

It happened for us.

The harder the experience, the more this will help.

Here is the bad news:

No one is coming to save you.

You will never find the answers that you are seeking on Facebook.

We were grievers too once.

We were meant for this. We are amazing with grief.

So now, we have a question for you:


Are you coming for the healing?

Are you coming for the answers you seek?

Are you coming to heal your heart?

Are you coming because you are tired of this pain?

Honestly, we do need to know what your why is.

All you need to know is we are ready.

Ready to walk this path of healing with you.

Friend, you can do the hard things.

Know that you will not feel like this on the other side.

Let’s continue to share our grief,

~Erica and Sharon